make your own chocolate

making delicious fresh chocolate is fun and easy

 with our complete chocolate kits

How to make chocolate in 3 steps


Combine and Melt

Melt cocoa butter, stir in sugar until dissolved, and add in cocoa powder to your personal taste.


Personalize to your taste

sweeten, strengthen, or thin your chocolate to your taste


Pour, mold, and set

Pour your chocolate into the molds of your choice- pop in the freezer for 10 minutes- voila!  Chocable kits include molding cups and bar molds.

fresh milk chocolate

only the finest cocoa, cocoa butter, and pure sugar

make chocolate yours

or make it for your friends and family

know your chocolate

made by you

Milk or dark

pick your pleasure

Great ingredients mean great chocolate

people who love chocolate love Chocable

I just can't believe how chocolatey this tastes- just amazing!

Kim Palmer, St. Louis, MO

My family LOVES to make these!  It's so much fun to make together and share.

Rebecca Larsson, Raleigh, NC

It feels so good to know what's going into your chocolate.  It's pure, it's fresh, it's delicious!

Stacey Belamy, Austin, TX

Love Your Chocolate Guarantee

We're only organic