How To: 3 Experts Make Chocolate at Home

Time to see how the pro's make chocolate at home!  The good news is that they're all pretty similar but each offers their own tips and tricks to make the best homemade chocolate.

You're about to learn a lot- enjoy!

Ann Reardon-  She's made just about the most useful video I've ever seen about how to make chocolate- she covers bean to bar, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and even compares a few different types of chocolate she's made.

A key technique Ann uses that I need to try is to melt the cocoa butter, take it off the boiler, then 

Ann also beautifully explains tempering- what it is, and why it matters, or doesn't to most chocolate lovers.  I've watched this video many times, I think you will too:

HOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATE AT HOME bean to bar Ann Reardon

Todd's Kitchen-  Todd is a real chocolate lover and deconstructs how to make dark, milk, and white chocolate (among many other delicious treats) on his very popular YouTube and Facebook channels.  

Todd uses a double boiler technique, which works for a lot of people, but I don't think is necessary.  All of his videos on chocolate are a must-see!

How to make DARK CHOCOLATE- Todd's Kitchen

Jason at SimpleCookingChannel-  Jason has TONS of great how-to chocolate recipes, but this one stands out for it's simple approach, just like Chocable's, and his adorable daughter as the taste tester!



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