Chocable Deluxe Milk & DARK Chocolate Making Kit

Chocable Deluxe Milk & DARK Chocolate Making Kit

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The perfect combination of our Dark and Milk Chocolate kits, plus a full chocolate bar mold.

Everything you need to make up to pure 80% cacao dark chocolate and organic Milk Chocolate!  No equipment necessary.

  • Pre-measured ingredients- no guessing required
  • Complete Quick start guide- covers everything you need to get started making your kit
  • 35 paper truffle cups to pour and share
  • Large reusable chocolate bar mold
  • Organic, vegan, gluten free, kosher
  • Makes over a pound of chocolate
  • Ships in a box perfect for gifting
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee




Lonnie M.  Longmont, Colorado

Wow!  I’m so proud of my chocolate!  First I made the milk chocolate and then the dark chocolate, both turned out just so delicious.  The dark chocolate is really dark.  I can see why they call it 80% cacao. 


Shawna D.  Beaverton, Oregon

My kids got so creative with this chocolate!  We put shredded coconut into the chocolate bar mold and oh my goodness!  It was a taste explosion!  I just wish we had more!

It was so much fun to do something new with my kids.  They had so many ideas about what shapes they wanted to pour the chocolate into.  We tried, with some success, to pour it into cookie cutters layed out on aluminum foil.

I’ve started to look at ingredients lists on the chocolate we have around the house and am surprised at home much stuff they put in there when all you need is cocoa butter and powder and some sugar.


Diorizella R. Puerto Rico

Today I maked the chocolate bar. I think it's perfect. I am impressed for the dark color, I had never seen a chocolate (cocoa powder) like this before. It was easy to do and I loved the texture and the taste. The bitter taste in the mouth after eating the dark chocolate is tiny. I only us about 3 tbsp. of sugar. For me it was not much. It was a great experience to make chocolate basically from scratch. Tomorrow I plan to use the second kit to take photos for my blog and Instagram because today just record the video.

Maggie N.  Orange County, California

I made the first batch too quickly and the bar came out sort of ugly.  It tasted all right but wasn’t a sure fire winner.  I emailed Chocable and they sent me a new kit, no problem!  I thought that was so sweet of them.

I tried the milk chocolate again and went really slowly and total success!  The bar was so good and so chocolatey, I didn’t want to finish it but just show it off.

My sister and I made the dark chocolate yesterday and she was blown away.  She said, “Is that are there is to it?!”

She’s going to order some for herself and we’re going to make them as gifts for our church for Easter.