Chocable Milk Chocolate Making Kit

Chocable Milk Chocolate Making Kit

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Everything you need to make up to organic Milk Chocolate!  No equipment necessary.

  • Pre-measured ingredients- no guessing required
  • Complete Quick start guide- covers everything you need to get started making your kit
  • 35 paper truffle cups to pour and share
  • Organic, vegan, gluten free, kosher
  • Makes about a half a pound of milk chocolate
  • Ships in a box perfect for gifting
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee




Melissa R.  Dayton, Ohio

What a great way to get started making chocolate!  I love to bake and my family loves all types of chocolate, but making your first batch of home-made chocolate seemed really intimidating.  Once I read the recipe guide I was amazed at just how simple it really is. 

I know they say they’re premeasured, but my advice for anyone getting started for the first time would be to use all the cocoa butter to start, and then slowly add in the sugar, dairy powder and cocoa powder one tablespoon or so at a time.  The mixture turns into real chocolate fast! 



Sophie E.  Lansing, Michigan

All the ingredients are very high quality.  You can just tell by opening the bags.  And the final product is nice and dense with a good snap to it.  Just don’t eat it all at once…


Robert R.  Richmond, Virginia

I got this kit for my mom’s birthday as she loves milk chocolate.   Very easy to make, she was surprised it only took her 20 minutes or so.  I didn’t get to try it but she and my dad seemed very satisfied.  He ordered her another kit so they could try the dark chocolate too.  It’s a fun and unique gift for chocolate lovers.


Jen B.  Cambridge, Massachusetts

Beginners are in good hands with this kit.  It makes quite a bit of chocolate and it’s so fresh, it’s hard to compare it to regular milk chocolate.  The chocolate I made is somehow creamier and not as sugary, which is a nice change.  Trouble is, I don’t want to share it!


Kathy C.  Boise, Idaho


The kit has everything you need in one box

Making it is fool-proof!

The chocolate looks, tastes, and smells amazing



The instructions were good but could have been bigger and easier to ready

For those who really like to measure things out exactly, you’ll have to trust yourself here a bit

A plastic mold would have been helpful


MaryAnne L.  Bethesda, Maryland

My daughter had so much fun making milk chocolate with me.  We’re going to do it again soon.  We had a lot of sugar and cocoa powder left over but the chocolate tasted great…I guess we’ll save it for next time!