About Us


“And don’t forget the chocolate!’  My wife would always remind me every time I went on a business trip.  Over the years I’ve brought back chocolate from all over the world, to my wife’s taste buds, much of which she loved.

Why can’t you just make it at home?  It’s too complicated she said.  I said, it can’t be.

I spent over a year testing all types of chocolates, speaking to experts and food scientists.  Many industry esteemed experts said, ‘you need thousands of dollars of industrial equipment and lots of time and expertise to make chocolate the right way.’ 

After lots of trial and error, and many bad batches, I learned you can make world class chocolate at home with the right ingredients and a little know how.

By focusing on cacao and cocoa butter and sugars that complement and enhance each other’s unique tastes, amazing things can happen.

Most chocolate is good, but fresh Chocolate is amazing.  Milk, dark, and white- it all tastes better fresh.

I formed Chocable to bring simple fresh chocolate making to chocolate lovers everywhere- to experiment, discover, and share their insights together, growing their love and appreciation of this wonderful treat.

Wishing you many wonderful chocolate experiences to come!